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‘the best way to revenge’


the article below underscores what mehindi dahya of kisumu (kenya) whose 32 years investment was burnt to the ground says “i cannot sit down and cry. as long as GOD is with us, we will make it.

the issue before us is not easy as it looks. in guise, all of us are looking at the situation with our colored glasses. colored by our perception of the other people or by our perceived injustice carried against us depending on our social or ethnic backgrounds. we are all waiting for external events or the other person to act in a certain way in order to release us from our anguish and anger. we have become emotional prisoners of one another, regardless of our education or religion – we secretly want bloodshed and destruction. i met someone who seemingly can’t eat since this crises started, why? because of the way they feel about the situation and “that tribe” that has caused it. Continue reading

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kenya – the good ‘ol days

oldkenya.jpgthe good old days seem like distant memories when you begin to get nostalgic in times when nothing now seems the same. how, truly, gurbani tells us that we are living in a dream (guru tegh bahadur ji in his slok mohalla 9 advices us to regard this life like a dream – and that without a moment’s notice, will be over so soon), with the current skirmishe and civil unrest sweeping across the country, this video on youtube makes the heart yearn for a return to simplicity of africa – the calmness of its rolling hills, the multitudes of wild game, the crystal clear weather, the wealth of land and countless more gifts from the Divine. o yes, this is what life once was – innocent and divine. but human progress over the centuries have stripped it all away. Continue reading

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kenya’s minority report

kenya-sikh.jpg i awoke this morning, looking forward to yet another challenging day at the office, but found myself turning back halfway through the journey. what appeared to be impatient drivers on the highway who were turning back, ended up in breaking into the sad turn of events that again created tensions in the city of nairobi. the road i was using – around 8.30am – was suddenly clamped close by the anti-riot police who turned out of nowhere. it’s only when i got home that i saw on the news that just after midnight this morning, an elected opposition m.p. had been brutally shot dead right outside his home. this led to the city erupting into chaos – roads and schools and offices getting hurriedly shut. what an interruption of life we are now going through. what used to be africa’s most stable country is now on the verge of collapse as the politicians continue to bicker for their own selfish ends. the plight of the common man is now in the hands of God.

when an oak tree like kenya begins to burn, it’s the smaller leaves that tremble first. Continue reading


praying for peace in kenya

sukhdaata.jpg it’s been close to a month and unrest in kenya has failed to subside despite the current mediation efforts. within days of the eruption of chaos following the disputed electoral results of december 2007, kenya has been brought to its knees by the political divide. thousands of kenyans have lost their homes and hundreds have been killed. as the violent outbursts (which is no longer political, but ethnic) spread like wildfire throughout our beautiful land, we feel helpless as the peoples have lost their leaders to the play of power. kenyans no longer know what to do, who to turn to and how to make kenya the garden of eden it once was. in these moments of crisis, many have turned to divine intervention. as humanitarian aid flows generously from across the country, prayers are being held in churches, mosques, gurudwaras and mandirs to beseech the ALMIGHTY to help bring kenya back from the brink. Continue reading