praying for peace in kenya

sukhdaata.jpg it’s been close to a month and unrest in kenya has failed to subside despite the current mediation efforts. within days of the eruption of chaos following the disputed electoral results of december 2007, kenya has been brought to its knees by the political divide. thousands of kenyans have lost their homes and hundreds have been killed. as the violent outbursts (which is no longer political, but ethnic) spread like wildfire throughout our beautiful land, we feel helpless as the peoples have lost their leaders to the play of power. kenyans no longer know what to do, who to turn to and how to make kenya the garden of eden it once was. in these moments of crisis, many have turned to divine intervention. as humanitarian aid flows generously from across the country, prayers are being held in churches, mosques, gurudwaras and mandirs to beseech the ALMIGHTY to help bring kenya back from the brink.

the sikhs of kenya have now collectively sought to prayer together, at the same time, countrywide. this event, titled ‘sanjhi ardas’ (united prayer) was suggested by bhai sahib bhai mohinder singh ji of guru nanak nishkam sewak jatha who is personally very fond of the country and also among those that have been left emotionally touched by the country’s current crisis. he suggested to the jatha here in kenya to organise a prayer event where kirtan, simran and sukhmani sahib paath in our efforts to seek God’s blessings. afterall, nothing is in our hands. what we do have is the gift of ardas (a request to the divine). within a 2 weeks, the jatha partnered with sikh supreme council of kenya (the representative body of kenya’s sikh gurudwaras and institutuions) who arranged to get all the gurudwaras in the country to simultaneously recite sukhmani sahib on the sunday of 3 february 2008.


the main centre of this event was agreed to be held at gurudwara nanaksar who have recently developed a new, bigger area for social and religious events – the sant isher singh community centre.

for more details to this event, visit (which is still under preparation this week) and do pray with us. kenya is dear to all of us. it pains to see paradise burn.


4 thoughts on “praying for peace in kenya

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  2. Dr. Jacob Lolelea Natade says:

    A prayer is needed for Kenya’s election this year 2017. We should never go back to experience of 2007/2008. Our God is able to stop violence occurring again. Its always the minorities that suffer with their properties destroyed. I pray for the Kalasingha family in Kenya.

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