who we are

waheguruji ka khalsa. waheguruji ki fateh.

this blog is the official diary of the kenyankalasingh.com website. here, we share our thoughts and experiences as we work closely in preparing the website and keeping it evergreen. we can asure you that what you are bound to see on this website is unmatched anywhere – for the wealth of sikhi is immense – and we have discovered that kenyan sikhs have so much to offer the sikh diaspora.currently, we are just a small group of young sikhs, working together to serve our community, both spiritually and socially. this project is way overdue and we believe that its time has come. so keep us marked and let’s share the beauty and message of sikhi and march forward, ever so closer to our beloved Guru.

waheguruji ka khalsa. waheguruji ki fateh.


2 thoughts on “who we are

  1. Fantastic site and habari ya Kenya?

    After living in Kenya for years and also having lived in Makindu for several months we are confitming our Kenya Tanzania Kirtan and Peace tour for September 2008. We are looking to connect with like minded people to bring the message of love and peace in English and Punjabi.

    Please contact us via email if you can get us connected in bookings programs and tour arrangements.kirtan@freedomandleela.com

    We will be glad to offer home programs, Gurudwara programs, Kids Camps, Concerts and Wellness workshops on meditation and spirited living.

    Let’s bring the love of the Divine back in Kenya Singhs and Singhnis and all Kenyans.

    Do visit our site to hear our music: http://www.freedomandleela.com

    Namaskar and Kwaheri

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